See The Sea

Last winter Doug and I were at a Farmer’s Market in Florida, just relaxing, picking up some fresh veggies for the week and enjoying the warm sunshine. I saw these intriguing and well-built frames with little pieces of real sea life embedded into them.   I immediately bought 10 of them! That’s all we could fit in the car for the trip back home.

            These frames feature actual wood that was used as traps for the lobster and stone crabs. A Florida license is needed to lower the traps. After 5 years, the traps are lifted from the sea and replaced.   Look closely at the official tag at the bottom and you will see the year of the license and the authorization from the state to place the traps into the waters off the Florida keys.

You can imagine and actually see the barnacles and how underwater sea life affected the wood. A master cabinet-maker turns these unwanted but historic treasures into brilliant frames with character and a story all their own. Yes, they have been treated so they are safe.

         Today, the only wood traps that are used, are for Lobsters. Stone Crab traps are now plastic! So these frames will increase in value from this point on and are one-of-a-kind. The frame alone is art. I am proud to have my Rita Long Originals framed by such meaningful matter!!   I love the sea and painted various versions to highlight the coastal beauty that speaks to me.

So you get an original Rita Long Art piece WITHIN a custom – one of a kind frame. 

And if you are lucky enough to get one of these beauties, YOU get to name the piece as well!

Rita has three more 14×18 frames, so if you would like a commission in a custom frame like these, CONTACT RITA TODAY!

Each custom frame has a license tag showing what type of trap was used and it's official information.


Lake Landing


Original Oil with gold frame.

Total size = 16×19

$300 Buy Now


Original Oil on canvas 48×60IMG_0416

$700 Buy Now