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Angry Skies by Rita Long

Much of what I do is painting, and I’m happy to talk to you about commission work — for home portraits, murals, or your own Moment That Matters. Beyond the paintbrush, I love working with creative people and groups. I offer creativity workshops, based on the ideas in my upcoming book “10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul.” I also provide marketing consultation and classes for artists and other creative people, based on the principles of Organic Art Marketing. Let’s explore how we can work together! Scroll down to learn more.

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What is a Commission Painting?

The Boat - Rita Long Art

Donna’s Boat, one of my most popular paintings

People ask me this quite often. It starts with an idea from you. I listen, hear, absorb, feel and translate your mental image and emotions, and then put it all onto a canvas. Wham! From thought to reality – out of your head and into the world! A commissioned painting speaks to, and for, you. It expresses who you are.

A commission work will tell part of your life story and make it available in a new way. It reminds you, each and every time you look at it, what is important to you and what really matters. It will help you relive unique and special moment from your life journey here, or your memories. Or, a commission can simply mean seeing something you like in my gallery, and having an original created for you.

Give “The Best Gift Ever”…to Yourself or Someone You Love

Of all the purchases you make this year, which one will mean the most to you, years from now? As an artist, I’m in the business of making art out of memories. It’s been said by one happy customer that receiving one of my paintings was “The Best Gift Ever!

Looking for a truly special and lasting gift? Think weddings, anniversary, birthday, retirement, Father’s or Mother’s Day, a commission of the Family Homestead, a special life event or favorite vacation place… I call these “Moments that Matter.” Life is short…capture it, relive it, pass it on!

Moments That Matter

My artwork represents my customer’s’ extraordinary moments in time. Sometimes it’s a special occasion or a special person. Other times it’s a certain place they can’t forget. Or maybe it’s their “happy place”– not yet seen but vividly imagined — that I create for them.

Art can be both a private treasure and a family heirloom, as well as a public statement about who you are and what’s important to you. It’s a stunning way to capture and document what matters most in your life. Something rare and wonderful happens when I create a lasting impression of a customer’s sweetest, most memorable feelings and moments.

I put paint to canvas and create living “Moments That Matter” – art that offers not just beauty, but positive emotions each and every time it is viewed. Each piece holds emotions that are unique and personal. It’s a privilege to create these “Moments That Matter” … because our lives matter!

Home Portraits – A Thoughtful and Cherished Gift

Professional Realtors know the true value of a good customer, and many times present a thank-you gift at closing.

One realtor, Ryan, helped his customers find the courage to move out of their beloved family home (with lots of memories) and move into their future. New beginnings are wonderful, but it can be hard to move forward and give up your past. I was commissioned to paint the family homestead that they had just sold. Receiving the painting of the house, where they had raised their children and started their family, helped them move more comfortably into their future in their new home. They were delighted and will remember Ryan, on an emotional level, forever.

Tirtha Home

The Tirtha Home

The Open Sign

The Open Sign on Lake Shannon

Collins Lighthouse

Collins Lighthouse

Work With Me

Art should speak to your heart and soul. Art is emotional and expresses who you are. It’s not just a painting. Your sense of art comes from what you feel, not merely what you see. And the process to get there should be joyful, exciting ad stress-free.

My customers are typically decisive, life-style-driven people who respond to their inner voice on what is important to them, and how to invest their money. Many live a “You Only Live Once” kind of life, which allows them to make choices that matter. I choose the right projects, at the right time, for the right people, with a commitment to a high-level of quality, creativity, design and communications.

Step 1: Pick your “Moment That Matters”
Step 2: Ask Yourself WHY you want to capture this special event/memory.
Step 3: Clarify composition, emotions, colors, perspectives, size, pricing and framing options.
Step 4: Consistent and on-going “checking in” to make sure we’re both on the same page throughout the process.
Step 5: Delivery of your artistically captured Moment That Matters – for you to view and relive each and every day!
* Pricing is determined according to involvement and size.

Contact me today to learn more about commissioning your own Rita Long Original. Don’t forget to visit my gallery to view paintings and prints available for purchase.

In the end, people buy art that speaks to them emotionally. Art should speak to, and for, us.

The Boat - Rita Long Art
Donna’s Boat – The situation was different but the process the same. This time it was a photo of a dream vacation spot and what was desired, but not yet realized. The colors she asked for were very specific, as well as the minimalist expression shown in the final painting. It has always been one of my favorite paintings, and I use it today in my marketing materials.

When a local Realtor commissioned an original home painting for a client, the process started with an initial sketch of one home portrait and a review of the project at about the midway point.

Home portrait process sketchHome portrait process
Breaking Through commission piece
Breaking Through – This recent commission was in the third step of my 5-step process when this image was taken. The customer’s story revolved around a breakthrough moment in her life. She took this photo to remind herself of that moment in time, because it changed her thinking and her life. We talked about emotions, colors and perspective, etc. She ok’d it & loved it so far. The fourth step was to get it about 80% finished for a final review, before finishing touches were added.