271a3c9cdf3051ec8550fcefbe2ee86dFor many reasons I fell in love with this heart.  It’s artistic, classy yet edgy, and has a depth that keeps me looking at it for long periods of time.  It’s complex and comfortable all at the same time.  I can’t find out who the artit is, but would love to know.

I  painted my version of it, in a different color, to give to a friend.  Why did I do that?  This friend had asked me for something months ago and it just never happened.  Time passed and I didn’t make the time.    No complaints from the asker and it was all good.

Then I started to think about those people in our lives who are always there for us.  The few who truly care about helping us, and are also brave enough to challenge us when we aren’t living up to our proclaimed potential and moving forward toward the life we want. Those few people.  The few who really listen, ask for little, accept us, wish the best for us, hold us accountable and celebrate with us when we have a success.  Those few people.

Those few people should be honored and listened to by us. Those Few People are rare and deserve to be cherished by us.   In my book, “!0 little Rules For Your Creative Soul” I have a chapter called Surround Yourself.  It’s important to be aware of, and actually choose, the 6  people we hang around with on a regular basis.  Because that is who we become most like.  We tell our children this all through their lives, but seem to forget, as adults, that we also have to choose friends very carefully.  As I said in my last blog, having a choice is a priveledge.

So, I painted my version of this heart, not in my favorite color but in my friend’s favorite color.  I look forward to expressing my acknowledgment of them being one of my “Few People”.  One of Those Few People who help make my life whole and sparkling.  Because we all deserve some sparkles in our lives.

Momemts That Matter,  Rita


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