We all love Angry Birds – those cute little guys who engage us and then we help them conquer the world, right?  Hhmmmm….images

One of my intentions for 2018 is to not engage in conversations that either do not involve me or turn negative and complaining.  Have you ever had someone call or stop you and start talking about “something that someone did that really bothered them and they were so mad and it was ridicuous and how could they do that and what were they thinking Oh it makes me so crazy…etc., etc., etc.”?

What usually happens next?  We either jump in and insert phrases between their rants and get involved and upset right along with them OR we silently roll our eyes and get judgemental and resentful that we are spending our time on something that does not involve us, or bother us personally.

Here’s an interesting article to help – one phrase you can use to put the topic back on it’s correct track.  “Why are you telling me this?”


If a friends needs to vent occassionally we may listen and help.  My experience has been that if we do this, we may absorb their negative feelings, and it is a very bad experience to add someone else’s negativity and anger into our body and mind.  In addition, one day you may find yourself as somehow being “with” the angry person swimming together collectively in their conflict.  People can start to speak FOR you in your absence and then the damage of “gossip” is attached to your reputation as well as your phyche.

Recently, I simply told the truth.  I asked “Why are you telling me this?” so that I could get to the root of the issue if it involved me.  I simply told the person it was not an isue that bothered me  and suggested they talk to the other person directly.  Check.  Done.  My energy returned immediately.

I love problem-solving and decision-making!

Be original.  Buy original.



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