What is a Giclee?  This question has been asked of me severDSC_0015al times recently.  It is a fancy word for ink jet print and is pronounced “Zee-Clay” (french).  I think it’s translation means something like ‘squirt’ – which is what ink jet printers do – squirt ink.  Some people think it is an original work of art, but it not in the true sense of the word.   And, it is NOT a print, in the sense that we use the term normally.

 It is a reproduction.

So – let us consider the source.  If the true original was amazing, then the Giclee will also be amazing, and look very much like the original.  If the original was not so good… any print, copy or Giclee probably won’t look so good, either.  It makes sense, right?

On the other hand, if you have a very good original, it could appear less than awesome because of HOW it is reproduced.  This happens when people see one of my originals and tell me how much better it looks  ‘in person’ than online or in a photograph.

Bottom line – if you like the art, in any form,  –  buy it.  

If it speaks to you and for you – buy it.

Happy Holidays and have fun creating Moments That Matter!



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