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The lovely thing about my work is how uniquely each person responds to it.
That’s the true beauty in art and in life.

The Perfect Gift

A surprise gift for a special woman brings the whole gallery to tears. This is the power that artwork has to truly touch our hearts and create Moments that Matter.

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Check out this amazing wine cellar that has a custom mural from Rita Long!


Get Ritas New Book: 10 Little Rules For Your Creative Soul


Do you long to live a more creative or artistic life? Do you wish you could break out and express your free side, your wild child? Read on, soul seeker.

Former corporate trainer turned professional artist Rita Long learned the hard way that we create our lives, minute by minute, every moment of the day. Some do it unconsciously, never stopping to realize that yes, this life is indeed of their own making. These are the ones who pine for things to be another way or yearn for more freedom to express. Others, the ones we often look to as the “creative” type, choose to consciously create their lives.

Rita knows that living a more creative life starts with this one truth:



The beauty of creativity is that you don’t have to understand it on a scholarly level to practice it. It’s waiting for you. It’s already there, calling your name. Listen. It’s Inspiration, Intuition, Awareness, Ideas, Consciousness, Imagination — and it’s asking you to go for a ride, begging “Pick me! Pick Me!” Are you listening, or are you second guessing or ignoring those creative urges?

In 10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul (the second book in the 10 Little Rules series launched by this book’s co-author Carol Pearson), you’ll find inspiration, guidance and simple yet soulful exercises to help you learn to hear those whispers and act on them.

Owning your creative energies starts today, when you make the intention to acknowledge this as part of your life and your being. You deserve it. Embrace your creative life, live it abundantly and fearlessly, and stand back and watch where it takes you!

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Thank you all for your support and company at my November Cocktails and Creations 2017 Show!


Full Moon Rising Art Fair & Party at The Lake was a huge success!

Thank you all for your support and company as we enjoyed a beautiful moonrise, fun music, and of course EACH OTHER!

Love you to the moon and back!


Notes From Rita